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Duties of the Commission

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In the performance of its function, the Commission shall:


  • ensure that legal assistance is provided in the most effective, efficient and economic manner;
  • ensure that its activities are carried on consistently with, and do not prejudice, the independence of the private legal profession;
  • liaise and co-operate with, and if the Commission considers it desirable to do so, make reciprocal arrangements with, professional bodies representing private legal practitioners and other bodies engaged or interested in the provision of legal assistance in the Territory or elsewhere;
  • liaise with professional bodies representing private legal practitioners in order to facilitate the use, in appropriate circumstances, of services provided by private legal practitioners;
  • make maximum use of services which private legal practitioners offer to provide on a voluntary basis;
  • encourage and permit persons who are not legal practitioners to participate, so far as the Commission considers it practicable and proper to do so, on a voluntary basis, under professional supervision, in the provision of legal assistance by officers;
  • provide officers and agencies of the Commonwealth or a State concerned in the provision of legal assistance with such statistical and other information as they reasonably require;
  • make its service available to persons eligible for legal assistance by establishing such local offices, and by making such other arrangements, as it considers appropriate;
  • determine priorities in the provision of legal assistance as between different classes of persons or classes of matters;
  • arrange for the provision of duty lawyer services at sittings in the Territory in such courts as it considers appropriate; and
  • endeavour to secure the services of language interpreters, marriage counsellors and other appropriate persons to assist legally assisted persons in connection with matters in respect of which they are provided with legal assistance.
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