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Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020


Our Vision

To be a leader in a fair justice system.

Our Purpose

To ensure that people in the NT, particularly those who are disadvantaged, understand and have access to quality services to protect and enforce their legal rights and interests.

Our Values

Social justice: Fairness and equity valuing diversity
Integrity: Performing our functions with respect, dignity, compassion and honesty
Professionalism: Committed to the rule of law, ethical standards, innovation and continuous review and improvement to ensure quality service
Accountability: Accountable for actions and decisions
Sustainability: A safe and supportive work environment

Our Services

We aim to do this by providing a broad spectrum of services, including:

  • Legal representation in courts and tribunals – including criminal law, family law, child protection, domestic violence and mental health
  • Duty lawyer services – in criminal, family and civil law
  • Early intervention – legal advice and minor assistance over the phone or face-to-face
  • Lawyer assisted dispute resolution – for child protection matters and for families experiencing separation
  • Legal support services – social workers in criminal, family and civil law
  • Preventative legal services – community legal education, information and referral through our website, telephone information service and customer service counters
  • Policy and law reform advice – including impacts and consequences

Our Environment

NTLAC strives to meet the continuing challenges of the NT, in the Australian context, but also taking into account our location in northern and central Australia. The diverse and isolated population and geographical remoteness present challenges to rural and regional service delivery.

The opportunities, issues, risks and challenges of our environment include:

  • The impact of policy decisions made by governments, alliance partners and broader economic and social factors
  • Changing demographics and subsequent changes to client demand and services required
  • Balancing the need to meet demand for services with the need to invest in our people and systems
  • Rapidly changing information technology capability and expectations
  • Legislative response and priorities at Commonwealth and Territory levels
  • Openness to systemic reform
  • Delivering quality services across a large geographic area with a dispersed population

Our Goals and Strategies

1. Service Delivery

Goal statement: Ensure that our services are of high quality and appropriately targeted.

Strategies for 2017-2020:

  • Maintain and continue to improve effective service delivery, quality, consistency and accessibility for our clients
  • Identify barriers to accessing services and identify unmet legal need
  • Develop collaborative solutions with our preferred providers and stakeholders

2. Reputation and Influence

Goal statement: Maintain and build our reputation as a trusted and respected professional organisation with governments, partners, the community and clients.

Strategies for 2017-2020:

  • Play a leading role in the development of legislation and policy
  • Participate in legal and public forums on matters relevant to the Commission’s business
  • Promote the work of the Commission to the community
  • Provide evidence-based information around legal issues, with a focus on disadvantaged people and unmet legal needs

3. Partnerships and Relationships

Goal statement: Work with other agencies and stakeholders to ensure the best use of all available resources.

Strategies for 2017-2020:

  • Maintain relationships with the Attorneys-General and other key stakeholders, including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, Community Legal Centres, legal profession and judiciary
  • Explore opportunities to partner with others to share legal expertise, information and resources
  • Continue to improve our referral pathways
  • Ensure partnerships with other stakeholders are kept viable and responsive
  • Initiate and continue to participate in key activities and forums
  • Partner with preferred suppliers where possible to ensure quality services

4. Innovation and Improvement

Goal statement: Foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement across the Commission.

Strategies for 2017-2020:

  • Continue to improve and maintain service delivery
  • Enhance data collection and reporting to enable meaningful evaluation of program activities
  • Actively seek the input of staff, stakeholders and clients to challenge and improve established systems, processes and practices
  • Seek opportunities for new ways to deliver services more efficiently, effectively, ethically and broadly
  • Explore opportunities to increase alternative dispute resolution

5. Capability and Culture

Goal statement: Develop organisational capability and a culture that enables the Commission and employees to realise their full potential.

Strategies for 2017-2020:

  • Maintain a positive and professional team environment based on equity, good governance and transparency
  • Ensure comprehensive training and professional development for all staff, including orientation, supervision and performance review
  • Create and maintain a healthy and safe work environment
  • Support staff in managing and prioritising workloads for a healthy work life balance
  • Improve business support systems and technology
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