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Our Strategic Plan

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Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission Strategic Plan 2020-2025

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Our Vision

To be a leader in a fair NT justice system.

Our Purpose

To ensure that people in the NT understand their legal rights and disadvantaged people have access to quality legal services. To uphold a fair NT and national justice system

Our Territory

We operate in uniquely challenging circumstances because of isolation, a small population, geographic dispersal, cultural diversity, economic hardship and disadvantage to our first nation’s people.

Our Values

– Social justice: Fairness and equity valuing diversity
– Culture: Acknowledging first nations peoples and valuing our multi-cultural community
– Integrity: Performing our functions with respect, dignity, compassion and honesty
– Professionalism: Committed to the rule of law, ethical standards, innovation, and continuous review and improvement to ensure quality service
– Accountability: Accountable for actions and decisions
– Sustainability: A safe and supportive work environment

Our Services

We align our Territory context and our values to provide relevant, safe and culturally appropriate services, through:

– Preventative legal services – community legal education, and information and referrals through our website, telephone information helpline, and customer service counters
– Early intervention – legal advice and minor assistance over the phone or face-to-face
– Lawyer assisted and online dispute resolution – for families experiencing separation
– Legal support services – social support workers in criminal, family, and civil law
– Duty lawyer services – in criminal, family and civil law
– Legal representation in courts and tribunals – including criminal law, family law, child protection, domestic violence and mental health
– Contribute to policy and law reform

Our Goals and Strategies

1. Service Delivery

Goal statement: Ensure that our services are of high quality and appropriately targeted.

Strategies for 2020-2025:

– Secure five-year funding arrangements with the NT government
– Maintain and continue to Improve effective service delivery, quality, consistency, and accessibility for our clients
– Identify barriers to accessing services and identify unmet legal need
– Develop collaborative solutions and partnerships with our providers and stakeholders

2. Leadership and Governance

Goal statement: Provide strong leadership across the sector and ensure best practice for legal aid.

Strategies for 2020-2025:

– Implement Board-approved strategies and decisions
– Set operational plans within a comprehensive risk management framework
– Provide the Board with relevant, succinct, accurate, and high-quality information and reports
– Provide timely advice on high-impact issues

3. Reputation and Partnerships

Goal statement: Maintain and build our reputation as a trusted and respected professional organisation with governments, partners, the community, and clients.

Strategies for 2020-2025:

– Play a leading role in the development of legislation and policy
– Promote the important role of the Commission to government and the community
– Provide evidence-based information around legal issues, with a focus on disadvantaged people and unmet legal needs
– Maintain relationships with the Attorneys-General and other key stakeholders, including other legal assistance services, the legal profession and judiciary
– Explore opportunities to partner with others to share legal expertise, information, resources and referrals

4. Innovation and Improvement

Goal statement: Foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement across the Commission.

Strategies for 2020-2025:

– Maintain relevance of service delivery
– Enhance data collection, analysis and reporting to enable meaningful evaluation of program activities
– Actively seek the input of staff, stakeholders and clients to challenge and improve established systems, processes and practices
– Seek opportunities for new ways to deliver services more efficiently, effectively, and to meet existing and emerging legal needs

5. Capability and Culture

Goal statement: Develop organisational capability and a culture that enables the Commission and employees to realise their full potential.

Strategies for 2020-2025:

– Maintain a positive and professional team environment based on equity, good governance and transparency
– Ensure comprehensive training and professional development for all staff, including orientation, supervision and performance planning
– Create and maintain a healthy, safe and sustainable work environment
– Develop and implement initiatives to build and review staff resilience
– Develop approaches to retain corporate knowledge, including succession planning

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