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The NT Legal Aid Commission provides legal services under a set of Guidelines. The Guidelines detail what types of Northern Territory or Commonwealth matters the Commission funds, conditions of assistance, dealings with private practitioners, payments, complaints and disputes, as well as information on other services it provides.


Chapter 1 – Principles for Granting Legal Aid

Chapter about legal services provided.

Chapter 2 – Priorities for the Provision of Legal Assistance

Chapter about general priorities, Commonwealth priorities, family, criminal and civil law

Chapter 3 – How to Apply for Legal Assistance

Chapter about applications, allocation of lawyer, reconsiderations & reviews, urgent grants, late applications, terminations, interstate applicants and proceedings.

Chapter 4 – Commonwealth Law Guidelines

Chapter about Commonwealth matters, determinations of assistance, family law, criminal law, civil law, public interest and test cases.

Chapter 5 – Northern Territory Law Guidelines

Chapter about Northern Territory matters, criminal law, civil law, Contingency Legal Aid Fund (CLAF)

Chapter 6 – Means Test

Chapter about who qualifies, income tests, assets tests, discretionary matters, costs of proceedings, children, benchmarks and amounts.

Chapter 7 – Contributions

Chapter about compulsory contributions, variations, retrospective and final contributions, charges, non-payment, practitioner obligations, contribution tables.

Chapter 8 – Costs Awarded against a Legal Aided Person

Chapter 9 – Classes of Cases Determined by a Legal Aid Committee

Chapter 10 – Allocation of Lawyer

Chapter about allocation of lawyers and transfers.

Chapter 11 – Conditions of Referral to Private Legal Practitioners

Chapter about conditions, Section 30 Statements, Authorities and payment of costs

Chapter 12 – Domestic Violence Guidelines

Chapter about service provided, principles, priorities, role of Police, matters covered, duty lawyer, ongoing representation, refusals.

Chapter 13 – Scale of Costs

Chapter about duty lawyer service, prioritisation, conflict of interest, obligations, interpreters, Duty Lawyer Scheme Users Meetings.


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