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Community legal education (CLE)

NT Legal Aid develops legal education materials and information sessions for particular interest groups and schools. If you would like to discuss the legal needs of your community, contact the community legal education officer on 08 8999 3000. You can also email the CLE team at cle@ntlac.nt.gov.au.

Australia and my family: What are the laws?

This educational resource contains videos and activities for culturally and linguistically diverse communities. You can order a free copy from us by contacting cle@ntlac.nt.gov.au. Please contact our education team at cle@ntlac.ntlac.nt.gov.au to arrange training or education sessions using this material.


What’s the law? Australian law for new arrivals

This educational DVD has ten simple stories in Basic English dealing with the most common legal issues experienced by recently arrived migrants and refugees.

The DVD is suitable for use with adult ESL learners or education sessions for groups with limited English language skills. There are student activity sheets to support each story, and teacher answer sheets. This DVD was produced by National Legal Aid.

You can order a free copy of the education kit, which includes the DVD with all 10 stories and accompanying activity sheets and resources.

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Published: August 2011

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You can view all of these stories online.

You can also download a copy of the activity sheets and answer sheets below and print them out for group work.

Online Survey

To assist us evaluating the effectiveness of community legal education, please fill out an online survey here.

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Stories include:

Activity sheets

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Cop This! Learning sequence

This learning sequence can be used in conjunction with the Cop This! booklet.




Got a fine? is a kit for service providers who are helping clients with fines problems.

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