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Our publications

The NT Legal Aid Commission produces a range of publications to help the community understand the law in the Northern Territory. You can order copies by calling 1800 019 343 or by emailing us at info@ntlac.nt.gov.au.

The law changes often, and we might not be able to update our publications straight away. To find out if a publication is up to date, please check the publication date, which is on the cover or in the first few pages. You can also call the Legal Aid Helpline on 1800 019 343.

Publications give general information about the law. If you need legal advice please call our Legal Aid Helpline on 1800 019 343 to arrange an appointment.

Relationships and children

Information about separation, parenting and child protection.

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Police, crime and court

Information about police, criminal matters and going to court.

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Information about problems with dogs, trees and fences.

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Young people

Information for young people.

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Cars and driving

Information about cars and driving.

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Domestic violence

Information about domestic violence.

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Australian law

Information for people who are new to Australia or Australian law.

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Our services

Information about our services.

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For educators

Resources about the law for educators

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