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Our publications

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The NT Legal Aid Commission has information to help the community understand the law in the Northern Territory. Most of that information is on our website available to download. We have a small number of hard copy publications available to order by:

The law changes often, and we might not be able to update our information straight away. To find out if something is up to date, you can call the Legal Aid Helpline on 1800 019 343.

For general information about law in the NT, see LawInfoNT or the NT Law Handbook.

Find information about:

–Relationships and children

–Police, crime and court

–Neighbourhood (dogs, trees, and fences)

–Laws for young people

–Cars and driving

–Domestic and family violence 

–Housing and money

–Law and culture

–Our services

–Doing education with community groups

 Other publications

–Moving Beyond Family Conflict – A Guide to Family Dispute Resolution in the NT

If you need legal advice please call our Legal Aid Helpline on 1800 019 343 to make an appointment.

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