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Need Help?

Call Our Helpline


Call the Legal Aid Helpline. Available to everyone regardless of financial circumstance.

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Going to Court?


What to expect when going to court and how our lawyers can help.

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Need a Lawyer?


We provide advice about family, criminal, and civil law problems.

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Applying for Legal Aid?


You should first attend a free advice session at a Legal Aid office or contact your private lawyer so you can discuss your problem.

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Legal Representation


The Commission provides ongoing legal aid by providing a lawyer to run cases for people with significant legal problems.

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Disability Legal Support


Your Story Disability Legal Support is a free, independent service to help you share your story with the Disability Royal Commission.  You can access them here


Family Dispute Resolution


The Commission provides lawyer assisted mediation to help work out what happens with children and property.

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Health Justice Partnerships

The Commission has a Katherine Health Justice Partnership and information on it can be found here.

General information about Health Justice Partnerships can be found here.

Request information


To make a request for information, you must provide proof of identification, such as photo ID or a signed authority.

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