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Legal Aid NT Launches DFSV Report in Katherine

In 2022 and 2023 Legal Aid NT led a project to investigate and develop a model describing how current and potential services and approaches could work better together and with the court to improve safety and break the cycle of domestic, family and sexual violence in Katherine Region.  This Project was funded by the NT Primary Health Network and guided by a steering committee of legal and non-legal service providers.  The views of stakeholders from the community and the sector were gathered by the project team, which included Top End Dreaming Consultants, James Parfitt and Katrina McKie and Social Ventures Australia Consultants, Brendan Fergusen and Margot Eliason. 

The report is rich in regional knowledge and innovation and presents a real opportunity for the sector to drive action.  It squarely acknowledges that a men’s behaviour change program in Katherine is a condition of success for ensuring that a user of violence is kept accountable for their actions while receiving support.  Since this Project was completed, the NT has announced that it will establish a men’s behaviour change program in Katherine, so it is encouraging to know that a precondition for the success of the project has already been achieved.

This report was finalized and circulated to stakeholders in 2023, and officially launched on 24 April 2024.Copies of the report are available here.

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