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The NT Legal Aid Commission offers property conferences under a trial of lawyer-assisted mediation for family law property matters. This is part of a national trial occurring in each jurisdiction. The trial is managed by the Family Dispute Resolution Practice of the NT Legal Aid Commission.

Who Is Eligible?
Clients who are eligible for a grant of legal aid, after meeting a relaxed means and merits test, may receive a grant for property conference, and ongoing assistance under the trial.
The property pool must not exceed $500,000, excluding superannuation. Negative equity and debt only matters are included.

How Does It Work?
Under the trial, lawyers will provide legally aided clients with legal advice and representation in the conference process. An initial conference to finalise disclosure will be held. A second conference is then held to agree to the division of the property pool. If an agreement is reached at mediation, the lawyer will assist clients to document their agreement and file it with the Court. If there is no agreement reached after conference, lawyers may continue to provide advice to clients about their options, and where appropriate represent them through any subsequent court proceedings (eligibility for legal aid funding will apply).

Further Information?
If you have questions about the trial, please contact Claire Wyatt, FDR Supervising Solicitor, NT Legal Aid Commission at fdr@legalaid.nt.gov.au or 1800 019 343.

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