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Relationships and children

This page has links to websites, fact sheets, and videos that explain the law about separation, parenting, and child protection. You can request a copy of these by calling 1800 019 343 or filling in our publications order form.

For more information or legal advice, call the Legal Aid Helpline on 1800 019 343.




Family violence law help

Family violence law help has information about family law, child protection, domestic and family violence, the law, and where to get help. Click here to visit the website (this link will open a new page). 




LawInfo NT is a website with plain language information about the law. You can read, watch, listen to, or look at information; get information in different languages; and find a legal service near you.
Click here for information about family (this link will open a new website).
Click here for information about domestic violence (this link will open a new website).






The NT Law Handbook

The NT Law Handbook is a practical guide to legal issues that affect people living in the Northern Territory. It includes information on the legal system, marriage, children, credit and debt, criminal proceedings, discrimination, young people, social security, health, copyright and much more.
Click here to access the NT Law Handbook (this link will open a new website).




amica is an online secure platform that empowers amicable separating couples. It is funded by the Australian Government. You can use amica to make arrangements about parenting if you have children, divide your money and property fairly (amica’s smart technology can make fair suggestions for you), and create simple, clear written agreements to record what you have agreed.  amica has very low-costs, and is free if one of you is on an income support payment.
Click here to access the Amica website (this link will open a new website).




Fact sheets


Facts about: Child protection matters

This fact sheet explains what the law says about protecting children, making sure they are healthy and safe from harm. Read more…


Facts about: Domestic violence

This fact sheet has information about what domestic and family violence is, the types of domestic violence, mandatory reporting, and help available for victims in the Northern Territory. Read more…


What is an independent children’s lawyer?

This fact sheet has information about how an independent children’s lawyer helps families going to court. Read more…




An introduction to amica (explainer video)



What’s the law? Family law (3:22)



What’s the law? Family violence (2:58)



What’s the law? Child protection (2:41)



Moving beyond family conflict: A guide to family dispute resolution in the Northern Territory (15:36)



Family problems: Your rights when things go wrong (English, Warumungu, Warlpiri, Tiwi) (26:01)

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