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Strengths In Conversations (SIC) Project

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The Strengths in Conversation (SIC) Project is funded by the NT Government Safe, Respected and Free from Violence prevention grant. Its aims are to strengthen primary prevention of violence against women and children in CALD communities in Darwin and identify training and resources available to sites of primary prevention, including what gaps need to be filled, encourage development of new training, share materials gathered and promote collaboration across the sector. SIC is a project of NT Legal Aid, in partnership with Melaleuca Australia, Dawn House, NAPCAN, NT Working Women’s Centre, Multicultural Council NT and Anglicare.

In order to pursue the SIC Project aims, a survey was conducted in the sector that works with CALD communities and individuals. The purpose of the survey was to validate gaps found for sites of primary prevention, based on the training and resources available. This was performed through clustering qualitative and quantitative data. The collated feedback aids in understanding the current situation in the predefined sectors and identify needs and wants in terms of capacity to take action to prevent violence against women and children in CALD communities.

The full Strengths In Conversations report and recommendations can be found here.

For enquiries please contact cle@legalaid.nt.gov.au

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